Violence against Women in Islam

Tuty Alawiyah is an Associate Professor in Social Work at Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta. She was the Deputy Director of Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Jakarta and Asia Pacific Office (2021-2023), and serves at the ‘Aisyiyah Council for Social and Community Welfare

Violence against women occurs throughout the world with a prevalence of 35% or 736 million people. This is even done by the couple themselves. These cases include verbal, physical, emotional, economic and sexual violence. Verbal attacks. The theological basis that is often wrongly (used) to justify violence against women originates from the understanding of verses relating to male superiority and mentions of disobedience committed by wives and resolution mechanisms that have been interpreted as allowing men to beat women. Apart from theological justifications, patriarchal cultural views also increase the persistence of the practice of violence against women. Therefore, this view is often the cause of violence against women. Likewise, the assumption that places women as complementary friends shows the subordinate role of women compared to men. This view sees women as second class creatures and weaker than men.

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