Contestation of Women’s Issues within OIC

Prof. Ruhaini Dzuhayatin was a Chairperson of the Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission of the Organization of Islamic (OIC) 2012-2015, and elected again as the Commissioner 2015-2018. In this conference, she talks about the dynamic contestation of The Role of OIC in Advancing Women’s Rights in Islam.

Prof. Ruhaini discusses the challenges of balancing Islamic principles with international human rights standards, specifically regarding women’s rights. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is a unique international organization because it is based on religion rather than geography. This has led to tensions with the UN regarding human rights principles. The OIC argues that Islamic law (Sharia) should be the basis for human rights, while the UN promotes universal human rights standards. This has led to disagreements about issues like women’s rights and freedom of religion.

She argues for a moderate approach that respects Islamic teachings while also upholding basic human rights principles. This would involve progressive interpretations of Sharia that promote gender equality and social justice. The OIC can play a role in promoting this approach by working with civil society organizations and religious scholars. It is also important to empower grassroots communities to ensure that human rights are respected at the local level.

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